RING  4- RIDDEN CLASSES not before 1.00pm   

Judge .Ms Diane Reason

76 NOVICE RIDDEN SHOWING any height Stallion, mare or gelding not to have won a 1st prize of 10. Class will be split if sufficient entries. Rider any age Except Stallions See Rules. NO MOUNTAIN & MOORLANDS

77 LEAD REIN.  mares, geldings not  to exceed 12.0hands.  Rider  9yrs &  under. Snaffle bridles only, Lead rein to be attached to the noseband only. The 2 Highest placed registered WPBR ponies will Qualify for the NATIONAL WELSH WPBR Championship

78 FIRST RIDDEN.  mares, geldings not exc.12.2 . Rider 12 yrs  & under. Any suitable bridle. The 2 Highest placed registered WPBR ponies will Qualify for the NATIONAL WELSH WPBR Championship

79 NOVICE RIDDEN NATIVE. Stallion Mare or gelding not to have won a 1st prize of 10. Heights as per breed soc. Rider any age, see rules re. Stallions. Including Welsh. Will split if sufficient entries.

80. M&M  JUNIOR RIDDEN. Mares ,Geldings only. Not to have attained 18th birthday 1st Jan current year. Class will be split into large & small if sufficient entries.

81. M&M  SMALL BREEDS. Stallion, Mare or Gelding  4yrs & over .Shetland, New Forest, Dartmoor, Exmoor,  Rider any age Except Stallions See Rules.

82. M&M  LARGE BREEDS. Stallion, Mare or Gelding  4yrs & over . Highland, Dales, Fell ,Connemara, New Forest.

83. RIDDEN VETERAN Horse/Pony 16yrs & over

         84.13.2 & UNDER RIDDEN SHOWING  4yrs& over

85. OVER 13.2 RIDDEN SHOWING 4yrs & over

                  86. RIDDEN COLOURED 4yrs & over . Will split if entries warrant it.


   CHAMPIONSHIP  Classes 76/86 1st & 2nd prizewinners to compete.




1.  All entries in breed classes must be registered with their respective breed society or in the case of foals eligible.

2.  Welsh Pony & Cob Society rules apply to all the Aff. Classes in hand and ridden.

3.   An exhibitor may not knowingly enter an animal  bred, sold, owned, leased or produced by the judge or his immediate family or his/her employer. 

4.  Any objection must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the incident, with a 25 deposit, refundable if upheld.

5.  All ridden animals must be 4yrs or over.

.6.  Brood mares must be 4yrs & over.

7.  No foal less than 3 weeks of age may be shown.

8.  The judges decision is final.

9.  No abusive behaviour or bad language will be tolerated to any official or show assistants.

10.Any animal deemed to be a danger will be asked to leave the ring.

11.In the event of classes clashing it is up to the exhibitor to choose the class they want to compete in.

12.All dogs must be on leads at all times.

13. No mucking out on the showground.

14. All horses & ponies should have public liability insurance.

15. Correctly secured headgear must be worn at all times approved to the current standard EN1384 or PAS015

16. Riders in lead rein classes must be 3yrs or over.

17. A fall of pony or rider in any class will result in disqualification, they must leave the ring dismounted.

18. .Mares & geldings only in lead rein, first ridden, and junior classes also Junior Handler .

19.. It is recommended that all exhibitors have public liability insurance

20.Outside assistance will not be tolerated in any ring

21. PLEASE remember this is not just a WELSH show , a lot of families are here for a day out with their children and are not        used to  our welsh breeds and their handlers. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL



it is your responsibilty to make sure you are at the ring in time for your class.

Once the ring has started classes will follow on unless otherwise stated








The following amounts have been listed as a guide for those of you kind enough to be able to help with sponsorship



These amounts do not cover the entire cost but in the present economic climate they represent a significant contribution towards them.



W.P.C.S  Silver Medal  & Championship Rosettes 50    

Rosettes per section Junior or Senior  25

Championship Rosettes Overall Sections not Welsh 10

Supreme of Show 15

Class Rosettes 10




Our most sincere thanks go to all our sponsors, without their generosity we would not be able to put on this fantastic show.



Sunday July 25th 2016


Thank you Chris, Wendy & Mike